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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

Honours Program


Interested in plant phenomics?

Join a high-tech plant research facility in 2014 for your Honours year!

Project title: Non-destructive growth analysis of crops using high-throughput imaging
Supervisor(s): Dr Bettina Berger and Dr Trevor Garnett
Organisation: The Plant Accelerator, University of Adelaide
Brief Project Outline: Crop plant growth and yield are influenced by a wide range of genetic and environmental factors. To assess the impact of various stresses and nutrient regimes, it is important to study the growth response of plants and how well different genotypes can cope with a certain stress to pick the best performers. Traditionally, biomass production is measured through destructive end-point analysis. At The Plant Accelerator, growth and biomass accumulation can be measured non-destructively over time, using fully automated imaging equipment and subsequent image and growth analysis.
In summary, this project will ideally suit an enthusiastic student who is interested in learning more about growth physiology and automated phenotyping through image analysis.
Techniques/Skills Learnt:
  • Crop plant growth
  • Image analysis
  • Growth and data analysis
  • Crop physiology
Key References: Berger, B., et al. (2012) DOI 10.1007/978-1-61779-995-2_2
Rajendran, K., et al. (2009) Plant Cell Environment, 32, 237-249.
Scholarship Available: Yes, scholarships are competitive and are awarded principally on academic merit.
Further information: Want to know more? Then contact Bettina Berger with the subject heading ‘Honours Project’, so that we can have a chat about the project in more detail.