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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

Battle of the Plants 2014

Battle of the PlantsSince June 2014 students from science classes around Australia have been competing against the scientists at the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre (HRPPC) in an attempt to outgrow and outsmart them.

Manan Patel is the 2014 winner of the Battle of the Plants!

Congratulations to Manan Patel and his teacher Laura Jones from Hawker College. Manan won the major prize which includes a week long ‘Student in Residence' where he'll learn about the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre and gain hands-on experience alongside CSIRO scientists. Manan also won a Canon camera package for his school.

During 2014 students in science classes throughout Australia competed to grow the biggest and healthiest Brachypodium plant. Not only did they compete against each other but they also went up against the experienced CSIRO scientists at the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre. HRPPC is using phenomics to help tackle major global challenges such as climate change, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation and future food production.

The competitors, in collaboration with their teachers, were given a plant growing kit and set the task of conducting a plant growth experiment, including analysis of the results. This year the students were spread all over Australia, from far north Queensland to the mining fields of Western Australia and experienced the challenges our agricultural producers face every season.





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