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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre

(Medium-throughput phenotyping)


The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre is located in Canberra at CSIRO Agriculture and Food and the Australian National University.


  • Pricing and availability - please contact us by e-mail or on +61 2 6218 3430.

This centre focuses on "deep phenotyping" (delving into metabolism and physiological processes within the plant) and "reverse phenomics" (dissecting traits to discover their mechanistic basis).

Next generation research tools are being developed and applied to probe plant function and performance, under controlled conditions and in the field.

Recent advances in robotics, imaging and computing are used in applying these technologies and scaling them from the single plant to the ecosystem level. Two levels of service are provided in the HRPPC.

First, projects can be housed in the "Research Hotel" environment where screening systems can be developed using facility staff and resources then deployed in the facility and in the user's home institution.

Second, users' material can be screened for specific attributes using one or more of the modules housed at CSIRO or the ANU. This node of the facility focus on flexibility from cereals to dicots and woody perennials at all stages of development.


  • Pricing and availability - Please contact Alyssa Weirman or on +61 2 6125 8319.
  • Booking - To request a booking please fill in our web form here.

The APPF at ANU provides access to a range of plant phenomics equipment and expertise in certified quarantine and GM facilities. Projects can be conducted by ANU staff on behalf of the researcher or by the researcher at the facility. Appropriate PC2, Quarantine and Building Induction training is required prior to access. The Facility is located within the Linnaeus Building 134 on the ANU Acton campus in Canberra and consists of:

  • A modern greenhouse facility;
  • Conviron plant growth cabinets;
  • Spectral Pheno Climatron;
  • PSI TrayScan; and
  • Phenomics analytics service.

The facility can also conduct remote sensing field experiments that measure growth and phenology (seasonal development) of most leaves in a canopy with augmented reality to visualize across scale, space, time and colors, leading to predictive models for selecting and breeding.

Please contact Alyssa Weirman on 02 6125 8319 to discuss your experiment.

To request a booking please fill in our web form here.