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Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The University of Adelaide Australia

Phenomics Analytics Services (Canberra)


  • Pricing and availability - Please contact Alyssa Weirman or on +61 2 6125 8319.
  • Booking - To request a booking please fill in our web form here.

The facility offers a number of phenomics analytics services in addition to growth facilities, including:

  • An end to end interface for experiment and chamber scheduling, project management, monitoring and data visualization;
  • Segmentation pipeline with:
    • automated QA/QC steps for ensuring clean datasets and error notification,
    • image calibration and color correction and automated segmentation, and
    • automated output of phenotypes at the plant level, eg rosette area, compactness, roundness, eccentricity, RGB metrics for small flat plants like Arabidopsis, Tobacco, etc.
  • TraitCapture genomics analysis pipeline:
    • Trait Heritability over time and environment,
    • Multi-Trait co-heritability over time and environment, and
    • quantitative Trait Locus Mapping (GWAS).
  • Custom phenotyping projects.

All data can be readily accessed via the traitcapture website.