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Plant Phenomics

The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) is a distributed network of national research infrastructure platforms that offer open access to plant phenomics technologies and expertise not available at this scale or breadth in the public sector anywhere else in the world.

Access to APPF infrastructure is available to plant scientists undertaking publicly funded meritorious research projects across Australia and overseas, as well as commercial organisations.

Science, innovation and collaboration to benefit the world

We provide state-of-the-art plant phenotyping tools and expertise to enable academic and commercial plant scientists, from Australia and around the world, address complex problems in plant and agricultural science. Research at the APPF is leading to the development of new and improved crops, healthier food, more sustainable agricultural practices and improved maintenance and regeneration of biodiversity in the face of declining arable land and the challenges of climate variation.

Each APPF node has unique specialised facilities that interlink to provide a complementary, seamless service to users. A “research hotel” approach provides opportunities for more distantly placed researchers to utilise the facilities, either in person or remotely, through engagement of APPF staff, while mobile equipment is available for field deployment anywhere in Australia.

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The technology and expertise to support your plant science research

Tailored research solutions

We deliver project design solutions tailored to the specific needs of facility users by providing access to a range of advanced technologies that accurately measure the performance of plants in different environments non-destructively and over time.

In addition, we ensure ensure quality controls are in place and research standards are maintained throughout each project facilitated at the APPF.

Capability enhancements through R&D and method development, as well as continuous improvement in the way services are delivered to the research community, are another key focus of the APPF.

Controlled environment

The APPF provides state-of-the-art high-throughput and deep phenotyping technology in controlled environments, from large-scale Smarthouses to fully controlled growth rooms.

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In the field

We have a suite of tools available for deployment anywhere in Australia to support high-throughput and deep phenotyping in the field, including Phenomobile Lite, UAVs and large scale crop phenotyping and analysis.

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Other tools & resources

Our multidisciplinary team at the APPF provides expertise across plant physiology, horticulture, bioinformatics, biostatistics, software and mechatronic engineering, optical physics, remote sensing and data management. We also provide tools and expertise in data analysis, management and storage.

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Our team of specialists can provide guidance on the best phenotyping technology for your research.

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