Do you work with crop plants? Are you interested in getting quantitative measurements of traits such as early vigour, nutrient and water use efficiency or salinity tolerance?

The Plant Accelerator is part of the NCRIS funded Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and offers high-throughput non-destructive phenotyping of crop plants in a greenhouse environment. Using automated imaging and watering systems, we can control the desired growth conditions while measuring their impact on plant performance and growth over time.

If you consider undertaking a phenotyping experiment at The Plant Accelerator in 2015, please contact us now to discuss your phenotyping needs and potential project.

We can provide advice on design and feasibility of your experiment and an itemised quote to help with budgeting or grant applications.

Especially if the time of year is important for your experiment, then contact us soon to ensure we can accommodate your project at the required time.

You can go online and fill out a request for quote: or contact Drs Bettina Berger and Trevor Garnett at:;;

We look forward to working with you in the future.