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From the latest news on our blog, to our global calendar of unmissable plant science events and our network linkages, there are many ways to keep in touch, access resources or experts, and exchange ideas with others working in plant science and agriculture.

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Throughout our website, and particularly our Community page, the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility aims to bring together fellow plant scientists to enable connections, knowledge and idea sharing, provide pointers on tools and experts, and share links and networks that may be of use. Here we aim to:

  • foster the development of a coordinated plant phenotyping community that makes best use of existing resources,
  • develop/access new technologies and support platforms for data exchange and reusability,
  • provide a platform to connect the expertise of diverse groups from platform operators, user groups, technology developers, and policy makers,
  • engage and inform diverse stakeholders,
  • promote and facilitate educational activities, e.g. phenomics workshops, conferences, student exchange, extension events, and
  • leverage linkages with international plant phenomics networks.

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Cameras can see beyond a plant’s surface for trait ID

15 October 2019|

Brooke Bruning at the hyperspectral plant imaging station located at the end of a conveyer belt that moves potted wheat plants through The Plant Accelerator®, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility. PHOTO Randy Larcombe   [...]

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5th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium

In October 2018, the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility hosted over 230 delegates from over 30 countries in Adelaide, South Australia for the 5th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium. Delegates enjoyed a jam-packed program titled ‘From plant, to data, to impact’.

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Find an expert

Our list of Australian plant phenotyping experts will help you locate researchers with expertise and capacity in plant phenomics including their areas of specialisation, technology and interests.

Global collaborations and networks that share knowledge and technology are rich in experience and essential to help accelerate our understanding of plants to meet future challenges.


Our industry relationships include engagement and collaboration with multi-national seed companies, agribusinesses, agrochemical companies, pre-breeders, agricultural SMEs and start-ups, and technology manufacturers and suppliers.


The APPF has an active role in the international research community, sharing valued relationships and/or research partnerships with:

Publicly funded research agencies and centres