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Advancing the Role of Microbes in Revolutionising Agriculture!

This is the only end-to-end meeting exclusively designed for industry and researchers to help discover, deliver and commercialise microbial research into products that increase yield, enhance productivity and maximise return.

As global food demand increases, the manipulation of the plant and soil microbiome has become a promising tool to sustainably increase farm productivity. The 2nd Microbiome AgBioTech Summit returns to share new insights into how the soil and plant microbiome can be effectively engineered for efficient nutrient management, sophisticated pest and pathogen control and help alleviate the impact of abiotic stress factors. By sharing ideas with forward thinking AgBioTech organisations, this meeting will help you find solutions to the greatest challenges and opportunities involved in the industrial discovery, production and commercialisation of beneficial microbes for agricultural application.

  • Hear 30 speakers from the forefront of plant and soil microbiome research: Learn, share and collaborate with organisations delivering the most effective microbial products on the market today including Indigo, AgBiome, Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science, Novozymes, Agrinos, BioConsortia, Inocucor and many more.
  • Definitive focus on end-to-end microbial product development: Our agenda is carefully positioned so from start to finish, we will integrate leading industry insight to help you take a promising discovery into the farmer’s field.
  • Understand regulatory frameworks for successful registration: With blurry regulatory guidelines for biologicals and trait programs, get unique insight into how companies are defining new pathways to standardise practice and accelerate speed to market.

With the scientific and commercial excitement around the plant microbiome set to peak in 2018, it’s time to fight macroscopic challenges with a microscopic army!

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