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Beyond fostering scientific progress, plant phenotyping requires a community effort. In this context EPPN2020, a EU funded project, provides access to key plant phenotyping facilities in Europe while EMPHASIS, a ESFRI listed project, aims to develop a long term sustainable pan-European plant phenotyping infrastructure that addresses the needs of diverse users from academia and industry, including the operation and development of a pan-European e-infrastructure to effectively collect, process and provide data for the community. With this meeting we aim to provide:

  • discussion about the relevance of agriculture for the perspective of politics, users, scientists
  • overview of recent developments for a long term operation of panEuropean plant phenotyping infrastructure, including information systems within the project EMPHASIS
  • opportunities to enable access to key plant phenotyping facilities within the EPPN2020 project
  • demonstrations of case studies that illustrate different aspects of plant phenotyping and its applications for breeding and basic plant science
  • opportunities for close interaction with phenotyping experts to discuss the needs and requirements for crop improvement.
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