The Plant Accelerator is a cutting edge plant phenotyping facility located at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus. As a node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, The Plant Accelerator offers high-throughput automated imaging and computing technologies able to phenotype up to 2,400 plants at a time. The technology enables scientists to monitor the performance of plants under different environmental conditions (e.g. which genotype performs best under drought stress).

To accelerate research outputs, the high-throughput phenomics technology is supported by experts from a number of fields, i.e. agriculture, plant physiology, biotechnology, genetics, horticulture, image and data analysis, mechatronic engineering, computer science, software engineering, mathematics and statistics.

In 2015/16, The Plant Accelerator will offer postgraduate internship grants to highly motivated and research focussed students.  The awards involve access to the high-throughput phenotyping (HTP) platform to undertake a collaborative project and a four week internship at the facility to learn about HTP design, image and data analysis.

Applications close on 15 October 2015. Further information and application form