Cameras can see beyond a plant’s surface for trait ID

2019-10-15T14:19:04+10:3015 October 2019|

Brooke Bruning at the hyperspectral plant imaging station located at the end of a conveyer belt that moves potted wheat plants through The Plant Accelerator®, Australian Plant Phenomics Facility. [...]

Innovation Generation 2019 | Ballarat, Australia

2019-03-07T15:35:48+10:3022 July 2019|

Innovation Generation (IG) is the best opportunity for 18-40 year olds in the Australian agricultural industry to network, learn and be inspired. Over three days IG brings together growers, agribusiness [...]

The hunt for high salt tolerant barley crops gets closer

2018-05-02T13:26:02+09:3017 October 2017|

Soil salinity severely impacts crop growth and yield. Within minutes of exposure to salt, cell expansion, leaf expansion, photosynthesis, transpiration and tillering are reduced. When salts accumulate to toxic concentrations [...]

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