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“Utilising NGS, -omic and gene editing technologies to progress plant research”

Attracting experts working in all areas of plant science, this event will discuss the latest technologies involved in genes and genomics such as NGS platforms and -omic technologies to establish various crop traits, epigenetics, phenotyping, plant-microbial and microbiome, and as well as plant pathology and disease resistance. Presentations will concentrate on regional model crops in Asia such as rice, wheat, maize, barley, soybean, canola/rapeseed, palm oil, cocoa, rubber trees and much more.

Plant research and its associated technologies have improved drastically over the recent years as a result of revolutionary breakthroughs such as new gene editing technology and the reduction in the cost of sequencing. Many plants have now been successfully sequenced and a wide range of biological datasets made available. As a result, plant scientists are now making use of state of the art technology platforms to help explain biological principals, advance research and therefore enable benefits such as crop improvement and breeding techniques.

Should you be either an expert already using gene editing, NGS, or other genomic technologies for plant analysis with a desire to extend your knowledge, or a researcher keen to invest in sequencing / omic technology and looking to learn which platform/technology best suits your requirements – the conference will provide an interactive networking forum to answer your queries through a vibrant exhibition room full of technology providers showcasing their technologies and other solutions, expert led case study presentations, roundtable discussions and panel discussions over four separate tracks:

  • Plant engineering technologies
  • Plant genomics case studies
  • Tropical crops case studies
  • Bioinformatics and its application in plant biotechnology
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