Plant Phenotyping Resources

The open access, world-class capabilties of the APPF have become an essential resource for plant scientists all over the world.

As one of the first plant phenotyping facilities worldwide, the APPF has been a pioneer in developing and providing plant phenotyping technologies in since 2010. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we have designed and commissioned complex phenotyping platforms for use in controlled environments and in the field, software to facilitate data management, analysis and visualisation, and developed extensive technical experience, to undertake large-scale phenomics studies.

By sharing our resources and knowledge, the APPF enables plant scientists to investigate plant performance at a scale and level of detail not previously possible, accelerating research outcomes to lead to new discoveries, and contributing to Australia’s reputation as a world-class leader in innovative agricultural science.

Our resources page is organic and will continue to grow and evolve as we develop, innovate and discover new software technologies and educational tools.

Brochures and Fact Sheets

Our brochures, technology fact sheets and corporate publications are available to download. You will also find the fact sheets in their relevant section on our Technology page. If you have any questions, or need any further information, just contact us – we’d love to help!

Corporate brochure

Learn about the APPF and how our technology and services can support your research.

APPF summary

A single sheet summary about our national facility, its phenotyping technology and services.

Adelaide node

A summary of the technology and services offered at our Adelaide node, The Plant Accelerator®, located at the University of Adelaide.

Canberra node

A summary of the technology and services offered at our Canberra node, the Plant Phenomics Group, located at the Australian National University.

APPF Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The APPF Strategic Plan highlights who we are, what we do, our goals and priorities for 2019 to 2023.


A new National Research Infrastructure partnership transforming Australia’s crop-based food systems and driving innovation in plant science

Virtual and augmented reality


Fully automated, high-throughput watering and phenotyping of up to 2,400 plants per day with RGB, fluorescence and hyperspectral imaging.

Growth capsules

Shipping container based high precision chambers with independent control of temperature, relative humidity, multispectral LED light and CO2.

Growth Capsules

Grain Phenomics Climate Facility

Shipping container-based high-precision Growth Capsules

Drought + heat

Twin fully automated, controlled environment rooms enabling parallel experiments with diverse watering protocols and drought + heat scenarios.

X-Ray CT Scanner

The new X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) scanner provides advanced phenotyping technology to look inside the plant, head (spike) and seed.



Ground-based phenotyping platform to measure plant growth and crop health in filed trials non-destructively.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Systems for visualising phenomics and environmental sensing data and point clouds in virtual an augmented reality (VR and AR)


Hand-held to field-scale hyperspectral platforms for early detection of biotic and abiotic plant stresses in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture.

APPF style guide and acknowledgement guidelines

We welcome acknowledgements and the use of APPF branding in relevant publications and projects. Our brand is really important to us so the correct application is essential. These guidelines will enable the correct use of the logo and acknowledgement of APPF and NCRIS.

Further information please contact us:

Along with open access to its cutting edge infrastructure, the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility promotes the sharing of data and knowledge, driving best practice, innovation, collaboration and education to advance progress in global plant research.

Experts, tools and suppliers

Find tools and suppliers

The list below contains links to recommended suppliers of a range of phenotyping tools and services that may support your research needs.

Research Publications

Stabilisation of soil organic matter with rock dust partially counteracted by plants Buss, W, Hasemer, H, Ferguson, S and Borevitz, J (2024). Global Change Biology 30, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.17052

The auxin efflux carrier PIN1a regulates vascular patterning in cereal roots Fusi, R, Milner, SG, Rosignoli, S, Bovina, R, De Jesus Vieira Teixeira, C, Lou, H, Atkinson, BS, Borkar, AN, York, LM, Jones, DH, Sturrock, CJ, Stein, N, Mascher, M, Tuberosa, R, et al. (2024). New Phytologist n/a, DOI: 10.1111/nph.19777

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Introgression of early shoot vigour in wheat modifies root systems, increases competitiveness and provides options for integrated weed management Hendriks, P-W, Gurusinghe, S, Weston, PA, Ryan, PR, Delhaize, E, Weston, LA and Rebetzke, GJ (2024). Plant and Soil, DOI: 10.1007/s11104-024-06653-3

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Hyperspectral imaging detects biological stress of wheat for early diagnosis of crown rot disease Xie, Y, Plett, D, Evans, M, Garrard, T, Butt, M, Clarke, K and Liu, H (2024). Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 217, DOI: 10.1016/j.compag.2023.108571

Heat tolerance of a tropical–subtropical rainforest tree species Polyscias elegans: time-dependent dynamic responses of physiological thermostability and biochemistry Zhu, L, Scafaro, AP, Vierling, E, Ball, MC, Posch, BC, Stock, F and Atkin, OK (2024). New Phytologist 241, DOI: 10.1111/nph.19356

Transpiration Responses to Potential Volatile Signals and Hydraulic Failure in Single Leaves of Vitis Vinifera (CV. Shiraz) and Arabidopsis Thaliana (Col 0) Utilising Sensitive Liquid Flow and Simultaneous Gas Exchange Balacey, SL, Capone, DL, Sullivan, W and Tyerman, SD (2023). bioRxiv, DOI: 10.1101/2023.01.24.525440

Image-based growth evaluation and K+/Na+ ratio of transgenic rice lines harboring AtAVP1 gene under salinity stress Chairunisa, Rachmat, A, Perdani, AY, Sulistyowati, Y, Herliana, L and Roy, SJ (2023). AIP Conference Proceedings 2972, DOI: 10.1063/5.0182839

A chromosome-level genome assembly of Plantago ovata Herliana, L, Schwerdt, JG, Neumann, TR, Severn-Ellis, A, Phan, JL, Cowley, JM, Shirley, NJ, Tucker, MR, Bianco-Miotto, T, Batley, J, Watson-Haigh, NS and Burton, RA (2023). Scientific Reports 13, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-25078-5

Sunlight and red to far-red ratio impact germination of tropical montane cloud forest species Hoyle, GL, Stevens, AV, Guja, LK, Sommerville, KD, Worboys, S and Crayn, DM (2023). Australian Journal of Botany, DOI: 10.1071/BT22126

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HvSL1 and HvMADS16 promote stamen identity to restrict multiple ovary formation in barley Selva, C, Yang, X, Shirley, NJ, Whitford, R, Baumann, U and Tucker, MR (2023). Journal of Experimental Botany, DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erad218

MADS8 is indispensable for female reproductive development at high ambient temperatures in cereal crops Shen, C, Zhang, Y, Li, G, Shi, J, Wang, D, Zhu, W, Yang, X, Dreni, L, Tucker, MR and Zhang, D (2023). The Plant Cell 36, DOI: 10.1093/plcell/koad246

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Non-invasive assessment of cultivar and sex of Cannabis sativa L. by means of hyperspectral measurement (2023) Andrea Matros, Patrick Menz, Alison R. Gill, Armando Santoscoy, Tim Dawson, Udo Seiffert, Rachel A. Burton, Plant-Environment Interactions 2023;00:1–17. DOI: 10.1002/pei3.10116

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Evidence of Bi-Directional Volatile-Mediated Communication between Drought-Stressed and Well-Watered Grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) (2023) Midzi, J., Jeffery, D.W., Baumann, U., Capone, D.L., Rogiers, S.Y. and Pagay, V. Agronomy, 13, 1747.

Working towards the SDGs through Research Infrastructure: Projects, Program and a Perspective on the Brno Declaration from Australia. Myra Cheng, Stefanie Kethers, Tim Brown & LDaCA (The Language Data Commons of Australia) (2023), United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs eighth annual Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

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PHOSPHORUS-STARVATION TOLERANCE 1 (OsPSTOL1) is prevalent in upland rice and enhances root growth and hastens low phosphate signaling in wheat. Kettenburg, AT, Lopez, MA, Yogendra, K, Prior, MJ, Rose, T, Bimson, S, Heuer, S, Roy, SJ and Bailey-Serres, J (2023). Plant, Cell & Environment n/a, DOI:

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Resource for reference ontologies, plant genomics and phenomics

The Planteome database:  An integrated resource for reference ontologies, plant genomics and phenomics

The Planteome is a unique resource for both basic plant biology researchers such as evolutionary or molecular biologists and geneticists, and also for plant breeders who are interested in selecting for various traits of interest. The Planteome project is an international collaborative effort and is supported by primary funding (IOS:1340112 award) from the National Science Foundation of USA.

The novel aspect of the Planteome lies in the semantic strength of the integrated ontology network, which can be traversed computationally. Planteome allows plant scientists in various fields to identify traits of interest, and locate data, including germplasm, QTL and genes associated with a given trait, and can help in building hypotheses, confirming observations, data sharing and inter- and intra-specific comparisons.

The Planteome project provides a suite of reference and species-specific ontologies for plants and annotations to genes and phenotypes. Ontologies serve as common standards for semantic integration of a large and growing corpus of plant genomics, phenomics and genetics data. The reference ontologies include the Plant Ontology, Plant Trait Ontology and the Plant Experimental Conditions Ontology developed by the Planteome project, along with the Gene Ontology, Chemical Entities of Biological Interest, Phenotype and Attribute Ontology, and others.

The project also provides access to species-specific Crop Ontologies developed by various plant breeding and research communities from around the world. It provides integrated data on plant traits, phenotypes, and gene function and expression from 95 plant taxa, annotated with reference ontology terms. The Planteome project is also developing a plant gene annotation platform; Planteome Noctua, to facilitate community engagement. All the Planteome ontologies are publicly available and are maintained at the Planteome GitHub site for sharing, tracking revisions and new requests. The annotated data are freely accessible from the ontology browser and the data repository. Read more.

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