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The 60th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (JSPP) will be held on 13 March (Wed.)– 15 March (Fri.) 2019 in Nagoya.  Subsequently, JSPP will host the Japan–Taiwan Plant Biology 2019 Conference jointly with the Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists on 16 March (Sat.). The venue is Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus), which is conveniently located (25 minute subway ride from Nagoya station) and will reduce the venue rental fee. The organizing committee of the JSPP members in the Nagoya area is currently preparing the JSPP Annual Meeting in cooperation with the JSPP head organizing committee to maximize the benefit of the meeting to participants from Japan and overseas, including Taiwan.

In the JSPP Annual Meeting, we would like to increase the number of participants who are graduate students and young researchers from various research fields and knowledgable of the latest trends in the research on plants and life sciences. We are also planning a program for graduate students that will enable them to become familiar with companies and research institutions as part of job hunting. In addition, as part of the activities commemorating the 60th anniversary of JSPP, the Japan–Taiwan Plant Biology 2019 Conference will be held after the JSPP Annual Meeting. Because of the limitations of time and the venue, presentations by high school students, which have been part of the conference over the past decades, will be discontinued this meeting.

The achievements in plant science reported by Japanese scientists are highly rated internationally and have contributed to the advancement of various fields worldwide. We feel that the environment of JSPP facilitates the exchange of opinions, joint research, cooperation in research, and information sharing, and along with its informal atmosphere, supports the ever-evolving research on plant science in Japan. The JSPP Annual Meeting is expected to have various roles and positive effects, such as providing clues to research breakthroughs, hints to solve difficulties in experiments, and the chance to learn new rational experimental and analysis methods and to hear opinions of experts that will help in the preparation of papers.  Although there is a time limit in the JSPP Annual Meeting, we will do our best to make it as meaningful as possible for participants with their help. Some time is left before the JSPP Annual Meeting and we hope to have your valuable input to improve the JSPP Annual Meeting.

We look forward to welcoming the many participants to the JSPP Annual Meeting.

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