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The next IPPN Imaging webinar will take place on February 8th at 16:00 (CET), which is at 10:00 in the morning Eastern time in the US. The 4th presenter is Malia Gehan (Danforth Plant Science Centre)/ moderator: Rick van de Zedde (WUR)  and her talk is about ‘Quantifying Variation of Crop Resilience Under Temperature Stress’.

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Short Abstract

This research develops high-throughput phenotyping technologies and open-source platform-independent analysis tools (PlantCV; http://plantcv.danforthcenter.org/) to quantify natural variation under temperature stress. An accession panel of B. distachyon was screened under, control, drought, heat, and drought and heat conditions and the resulting imaging data was examined for traits that approximate water-use-efficiency, biomass accumulation, and tissue senescence.


Malia Gehan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Member and Principal Investigator at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, who focuses understanding mechanisms of crop resilience under temperature stress. To study temperature stress and natural variation, her lab uses a number of high-throughput and high-resolution image-based phenotyping technologies. She co-developed and maintains the open-source open-development suite of image analysis tools, PlantCV.

NB: At our 3rd webinar of Hendrik Poorter we had more than 200 people signing up online, and several of you experienced technical difficulties due to the fact that our webinar tool Join.me only allowed 50 participants. Our apologies for this. We have upgraded this number up to 250.

More info about the IPPN – Imaging working group here: https://www.plant-phenotyping.org/ippn_wg_imaging.

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