Last chance to secure an internship – apps close tomorrow!

2017-12-13T13:04:41+00:00 30 March 2017|

This is your chance to investigate your plant science questions with the support of the highly skilled Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) team and the incredible technology and infrastructure we [...]

Exciting internship opportunity closing soon – apply now!

2017-12-13T13:07:53+00:00 9 March 2017|

The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) is looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated postgraduate students with a real interest in our research and technology to join our team as interns. Current [...]

Major investment in plant root phenotyping to answer key questions

2017-12-13T13:54:50+00:00 25 January 2017|

It all starts in the roots Australian agriculture operates in a largely harsh, resource limited (nutrients, water) environment so the role of plant roots is even more vital to crop [...]

What the experts are saying about plant phenotyping and food security

2017-12-13T15:56:58+00:00 5 January 2017|

'It takes a village to raise a child' states the age-old saying, but now it will take a village to feed the child as well - if we're smart. “Agriculture’s [...]

Drip-fed success

2017-12-07T12:00:19+00:00 21 December 2016|

The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) is pleased to announce the new DroughtSpotter precision irrigation platform has been fully tested and commissioned, and is now ready to support your plant [...]

Finding the Link

2017-08-07T13:54:30+00:00 21 September 2016|

The International Wheat Yield Partnership aims to make major improvements to wheat yields globally by exploring increases in biomass and photosynthesis.  Two projects underpinning this research are currently underway at ANU [...]

Drought effects on soil bugs

2017-08-07T13:54:46+00:00 11 May 2016|

Olivia Cousins is a PhD student jointly supervised by Professor Sacha Mooney at the University of Nottingham and Dr Tim Cavagnaro at the University of Adelaide. As part of her [...]

Spying on trees

2017-08-07T13:54:55+00:00 11 May 2016|

Dr Tim Brown from the APPF’s team at the Australian National University is helping researchers from the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) to use surveillance camera networks and drone data [...]

APPF supports start-up company

2016-04-07T15:40:16+00:00 7 April 2016|

The team of The Plant Accelerator (APPF) has worked with the Coritsu Group to  further develop  image visualisation software that meets the needs of the plant phenomics community. Coritsu CEO [...]

Testing Drought Tolerance of Rice

2017-08-07T13:55:05+00:00 23 March 2016|

Rice is the most important crop for global food security and improving its tolerance to abiotic stresses, such as drought, is becoming increasingly important with climate change. A collaborative project, [...]