The team of The Plant Accelerator (APPF) has worked with the Coritsu Group to  further develop  image visualisation software that meets the needs of the plant phenomics community. Coritsu CEO Samuel Conway reports on the collaboration:

“Over the last 18 months, The Plant Accelerator at the University of Adelaide has been an integral part of the overall development of Zegami, an image management toolset, which enables users to intuitively search, sort, filter and group thousands of images in a very dynamic and ad hoc way.

This cutting edge “Big Data” image visualisation technology was developed by a local Adelaide software company, the Coritsu Group, in collaboration with the Weatherall Institute at the University of Oxford (UK). The success of this collaboration has now led to the formation of a funded Oxford start-up company, Zegami Ltd (UK), which has attracted significant start-up investment and will be headed up by Coritsu Group’s founder and MD Samuel Conway and Roger Noble, former Coritsu CTO and the developer of the technology.

Oxford Press Release

A significant factor in this success can be attributed to the development opportunity of key features and the support that The Plant Accelerator has provided. Zegami has helped the facility address one of their primary research challenges; i.e. how to combine an image and the data associated to it in a simple and intuitive way, which enables researchers to quickly and easily analyse these results. Zegami successfully addresses these challenges today, providing researchers with a unique and powerful toolset.

YouTube clip on how the organisation uses Zegami

The collaboration between the teams of The Plant Accelerator and the Coritsu Group has actively contributed to the software solution being promoted globally within the phenomics community. Currently, Zegami Ltd is in negations with major phenomics software suppliers in the UK and Europe who are keen to incorporate the product into their overall product service offerings.

On behalf of both Coritsu Group and Zegami Ltd, I would like to thank the team of
The Plant Accelerator for their support, direction and guidance within such a unique and specialised field of research.

Zegami’s amazing cutting edge and disruptive technology has the ability to change the way users view their data and this is leading researchers to new and previously unseen discoveries.”

Samuel Conway,
CEO Founder – Coritsu Group (AUS), Zegami Limited (UK)