Tim Brown from the APPF’s ANU node brought along his 360 degree camera equipment to take these fantastic videos of the plant imaging system in Adelaide, proving that science can be a whole lot of fun. Plant Accelerator Video 1  and Plant Accelerator Video 2


Take a seat and experience a ride on the automated phenotyping system at The Plant Accelerator. You will take the same route our plants take on a daily basis, from the Smarthouse, through the imaging chambers, past the watering station and back.

We send the plants on this daily ride to collect images that provide us with important information about their size and health in response to different environments. Most importantly, taking images, rather than cutting of the plants and weighing them, means we can measure them again and again to look at changes over time.

If you want to get an idea of what the results look like and how plant scientists make use of the data coming out at the end, you can try our new software tool Zegami.