Malachy Campbell is a PhD student with A/Professor Harkamal Walia at the University of Nebraska, studying aspects of salinity tolerance in a diversity panel of about 400 rice accessions. As part of a NSF funded project, Mack visited The Plant Accelerator in 2013 for a large scale phenotyping experiment and he has now returned to Adelaide for a second season of experiments.

“The facility was able to image over 850 plants daily and provided excellent phenotypic data to assess various aspects of salinity tolerance in this diversity panel.” Mack says. “The team of researchers at The Plant Accelerator is exceptional. From the inception of the project, they provided excellent advice regarding experimental design, image analysis and interpretation of image-derived metrics. The staff is a collection of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are extremely professional, motivated and welcoming. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”